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Photo Gallery
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June 2006 View from Parcel Guest Cottage.
June 2006 Parcel House One over pool
Belfast Bay and North Sound Ideal for Boating.
June 2006 Aerial View of Peninsula only one home.
Islands of the North Sound: Crump, Guiana, Jumby Bay.
June 2006 The Peninsula early days.
Parcel One Home features Infinity Pool with view
June 2006 Parcel One House and Cottage.
Don and Lesley's Winsome winning in Classics 2009.
Green Island on Non Such Bay a short sail away.
Winsome returning from a day sail to Jumby Bay.
June 2006 The Atlantic over The Peninsulas and Pelican Island.
Our Custom homes feature fine Caribbean Architecture.
June 2006 Parcel One House and Guest Cottage.
June 2006 Parcel One with two docks.
June 2006 Three boats one on lift.
June 2006 Aerial view of Pool. Cottage three roofs.
June 2006 Don and Lesley's house on Parcel One.
June 2006 aerial view The Peninsula.
June 2006 The village of Willkie's behind.
Sun, sea, sand, surf and tranquility of North Sound.
The waters of Belfast Bay are protected by Islands and barrier reef.
A topical paradise featuring large variety of birds and flora.
Antigua offer a large variety of blue in the surrounding waters.
Offering a lovely view by day and lights of the airport at night.
Water sports include canoeing, wind surfing, water skiing and sailing.
Two bedroom guest cottage with verandah approximately 2,300 sq. ft.
One of many islands of the North Sound feature bird life galore.
Jumby Bay Island Beach Resort accessible by protected waters.
Don and friends going for a spin around the islands.
Great Bird Island over tranquil waters and reefs.
Great Bird Island South Beach usually deserted.
Hell's Gate Island with excellent snorkeling waters.
July 2009 Infinity Pool and gazebo for Plot #19.
July 2009 Private Homes on Jumby Bay Club.
July 2009 Fishing. Pelican does all the work and Seagulls and Frigate birds benefit.
July 2009 House on Plot #5.
July 2009 House on Plot # 4.
July 2009 House on Plot # 5 with Plantation House of Plot #21.
July 2009 House on Plot #6 ready for landscaping.
July 2009 House on Plot 10 and 11 from Anchorage.
July 2009 House on Plot 19 note Guest Cottages.
July 2009 One of two Guest Cottages at House  on Plot #21.
July 2009 Plantation House over nursery on Plot #21.
July 2009 The anchorage staging area with The Peninsula in background.
Long Bay Beach Resort Restaurant a short drive of by boat.
Safe anchorages abound. Great snorkeling. Bird watching. North Sound at its best.
Sting Ray City about a nautical mile by sheltered water. Atlantic Ocean in background.
The Peninsula is air-conditioned by the constant Easterly trade winds.
A gated community without gates or perimeter fences. All services underground.
Why The Peninsula in Antigua - Location, Location, Location.
View from the Pool Deck at Plot #3.
Security patrol and inspection at Sting Ray City on a slow day.

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